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TEAM SHIRT FEES (Updated for 2018)

If you are paying for another Team Cow member's shirt, in addition to your own, please indicate the teammate for whom you are paying. There is no option to select a size, as your team shirt will be the same size as your event shirt (as specified when you registered). Shirts will be handed out at one of the last few practice climbs - more details will be posted on that once we know when the shirts will be available. If you are unable to pick up the shirts at a practice climb, you can pick them up from my home in Naperville or my office near the Chicago Fed building. You can also pay me via cash (in person at a practice climb) or via check (send an email below for the address) and save $.50 per shirt. That amount has been added below to cover the PayPal fees.

How Many Shirts Are You Paying For?




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